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Majestic Interactive uses a powerful and proven development process to help our clients rapidly overcome their business challenges. We are strong believers in the power of software and technology as tools for positive change – Majestic has the experience to help guide you through the development process and create a product your business needs.



Before we lay down any code, we want to understand who you are and how you like to work, in order to build a strong and transparent working relationship with you. To make sure we can rapidly unlock value for you, our strategists and developers will ask a lot of questions to help us identify your business challenges and what key assumptions we’ll need to test once we get the product in front of real users.



We will assign you with a Project Lead who will analyse your business challenges and provide consulting on your project to set the scope, prioritise features and map the process. Your Project Lead will then tap into the right resources (designers and developers) for the project. Your assigned team will then help you translate your business requirements into user stories, and user stories into key features – which will help us define your product roadmap.



We will start to dig into the architecture of the project. We will present designs to you and have working software up that you can see and continuously monitor to view our progress.

As we navigate through the roadmap together, we will provide weekly updates and be available to answer any questions help you stay connected to the process as we pilot through any technical and timeline challenges.



Once we reach the end of the roadmap and have completed the scope of the project, we are ready to officially launch your product. It is time to celebrate, and to learn, as we see how real users are interacting with the product. This is great, because real-world users will often uncover insights and product optimisation opportunities that were not obvious before launch.



After deployment we will gather and analyse data on the solution and sit down with you to see if we have achieved the desired results. It here we have the opportunity to iron out any issues before moving on.



Your development team will revisit your plan to how we can keep your application updated in the future. We will implement on-going monitoring and a post-launch support plan that is right for you. Even at this stage we don’t stop, we will continue to look for incremental improvements to refine your solution and look for other improvement opportunities.


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