We are award winning software developers that deliver mission critical, technically challenging business software

Removing the barriers to growth


For over two-decades Majestic Interactive has established a reputation for consistently delivering mission critical, technically challenging business software under tight deadlines, whilst providing exceptional customer service and support.

Solving business problems


Businesses challenge us with a specific problems, others simply know they need to grow and believe digital may play a role. Majestic Interactive helps identify your barriers to growth and build digital solutions to remove them. What’s more our flexible development platform MajesticOS allows us to do this faster than our competition.

Consult, analyse, improve


Some clients have already conducted market research and business model diligence prior to engaging with us and are ready to dive into development straight away. Others engage much earlier in the process, they ask us to identify their barriers to growth, then think about how technology might best be leveraged to remove them. Either way, our process is designed to make sure we’re not just developing a digital product for you, but helping to ensure that we are developing the right product.

Develop, implement, evaluate


Our expert team of developers, UX/UI designers and technologists have built hundreds of B2B applications across a wide range of business sectors. From ERP to PLM, web apps to mobile apps and integration with I.O.T. devices, we have a highly skilled team that not only create great digital products, but communicate the “why” behind each development.

Learn, support, host


Once your development is in production, you’re not on your own. Each of our clients is different, we will put together a post-launch support plan that is right for you. From simply managing your hosting, to providing ongoing support plans or training for your staff, we can help ensure that you are getting the maximum value out of the products we build.

Our software is designed around you. It's an all-in-one solution that can accelerate and grow your business

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